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Kett Infrared Lamp 220v 185 walt
Kett Infrared Lamp....

Price: Telp

Replace lamp for Kett Infrared moisture balance and Gwon Infrared Moisture Balance
Lamp Capacity:
185 walts

DM-15 pH tanah and kelembaban meter
DM-15 pH tanah and....

Price: Telp

Range: pH 3.0-8.0
Moisture: 0-100%
Made in Japan

Portable AUTOCLAVE Colour Beige Type YXQ-280a
Portable AUTOCLAVE....

Price: Telp

Made from aluminum alloy with high strength and equipped with Pressure gauge
Safety valve
Exhaust valve
Sterilizing temperature 125.5 c
Electric 20 psi
Cap 17 liter
Diam 28....

portabel jenis alat sterilisasi aluminium tekanan DSX-280AI gas dan listrik
portabel jenis alat....

Price: Telp

- Shift place type quick open cover structure
- Overpressure auto discharging 0.145-0.165 Mpa
- Dual Scale numerical indication pressure gauge
- Operating easy and security....

Kett HX 120 Kopra kelembaban meter
Kett HX 120 Kopra....

Price: Telp

Measurement method Electrical resistance
Applications Copra
Measurement Range 3 to 20% ( dry base)
Resolution 0.1%
Functions Moisture value bias adjustment ( -9.9 to + 9.9% ....

FD 610 Infrared Moisture Balance
FD 610 Infrared....

Price: Telp

Measuring Principle: LOD ( Loss on Drying)
Measurement Range: 0-100%
Sample Weight: 5-70gr
Accuracy: + / - 0.1%

TFA Model 31015 Min-max termometer malam hari
TFA Model 31015 Min....

Plastic Housing
Dimensions: 210x61x43 mm
Temperature: -30 to 50c

Digital Termometer
Digital Termometer

Price: Telp

Max / Min temperature display
Use silver cell battery
-5 to 50 c use sensor
50 to 70 c without sensor

TFA Model 45.2007 Thermohygrometer
TFA Model 45.2007....

Price: Telp

Hair synthetics-hygro
Bimetallic thermo
Brass rim case
Diameter: 10cm
Humidity: 0-100% RH
Temperature: -10 to 50 C

termometer ruangan
termometer ruangan

Price: Telp

Product Size: 260x50x13 mm
Material: Pine
Package: Card+ Blister
Minimum Order: 144 pic

Digital lux Meter 1-50
Digital lux Meter 1....

Price: Telp

Display: 3 1/ 2 digit 18mm ( 0, 7 " ) LCD
Ranges: 1 to 50, 000 LUX
Over-input indicator
Sampling time: 0.5 seconds
Data hold function for holding measurement values

TFA Model 25500 thermo timer
TFA Model 25500....

24 hour time switch function with 3 different turn on times / off times
Thermostat function adjustable in 1 c step between 0-40c
Temperature times switch function, combination....

3M Littman Threaded Sofr-sealing Eartips large
3M Littman Threaded....

Price: Nego

* Offer excellent acoustic seal, increased comfort, durability and a tighter fit
* Offers a snap tight fit that won' t loosen during routine use
* Features a surface treatment....

Cirrus CR-252B meteran tingkat kebisingan
Cirrus CR-252B....

Price: Nego

Is a range of robust, easy to use instrument that have been designed to needs of the user who demand performance in simple package
Applicable Standards CR: 252B-IEC 60651 1979 2

Kenko Masker
Kenko Masker

Price: Nego

3 ply masker
Per box is 50 pcs maskers
Minimum order 2 box

SOIL PH Tester
SOIL PH Tester

Price: Nego

Do Measurement for


To raise PH value, use ground limestone
To lower PH value use powdered sulfur or peat moss

Kenko Masker tali
Kenko Masker tali

Price: Rp 22.000,00

3 ply masker
Per box is 50 pcs maskers
Minimum order 2 box

ET-04 pemeriksaan sofa
ET-04 pemeriksaan....

Price: Nego

Stainless Steel
High Position: 182 x 62 x 71 cm
Self weight: 16 kg
Load bearing: 135 kg

ET-01 pemeriksaan sofa
ET-01 pemeriksaan....

Price: Nego

High Position: 185 x 62 x 72 cm
Self weight: 26kg
Load Bearing: 159 kg

Schioetz Tonometer
Schioetz Tonometer

Price: Telp

Tonometers Schiotz are used to measure and monitor intraocular pressure in the eye.

The tonometer Schiotz has a free­ floating barrel with a footplate. Because the footplate....

Vaccine Carrier
Vaccine Carrier

Price: Telp

DEPKES RI AKL 20209603611
WHO PIS Reference Number : E-4/ 91-M
External Dimension: 25 x 25 x 30 cm
Internal Dimension: 16.5 x 16.5 x 22 cm
Vaccine Storage Dimensions: 11 x 11....

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