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Atago Hand refraktometer

Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order
Specification:N-1a = Master M US$ 120
N2E = Master 2M US$ 124
N-3E = Master 3M US$ 132
N-4E = Master 4M Us$ 132
N-10E, N-20E, N-50E = US$ 139

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Ernest Haliman [Sales]
Mobile Number:08988847027
Phone Number:62-21-6312222
Fax Number:62-21-6321080
Address:Jl kaji no 49/51 Jakarta Pusat
jakarta Pusat 10130, Jakarta
Valid Address
http: / / maps.google.co.id/ maps? q= jalan+ kaji+ no+ 49
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